WRITINGS_Book Reviews

Viipuri Library - Alvar Aalto / Michael Spens  

The Art of the Structural Engineer / Bill Addis 

Edward Larrabee Barnes, Architect / Introduction by Peter Blake 

James Cutler / Theresa Morrow  

Details of Modern Architecture Volume 2: 1928 to 1988 / Edward R. Ford 

Studies in Tectonic Culture - The Poetics of Construction in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Architecture / Kenneth Frampton 

Historical Building Construction / Donald Friedman 

Structure, Space and Skin The Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners / Edited by Rowan Moore 

Architecture, Industry and Innovation The Early Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners / Colin Amery 

Ten Houses: Gwathmey Siegel / Edited by Oscar Riera Ojeda 

John M. Johansen - A Life in the Continuum of Modern Architecture / John M. Johansen 

The Work of Michael Hopkins and Partners / Colin Davies 

Intertwining Steven Holl - Selected Projects 1989-1995 / Steven Holl 

John Lautner, Architect 1911 - 1994 

Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Vol. 2 / Peter Buchanan 

The Fountainheadache: The Politics of Architect-Client Relations / Andy Pressman 

Reflections on Architectural Practices in the Nineties / William S. Saunders, Editor 

Peter Rice - An Engineer Imagines / Peter Rice 

Hans Scharoun / Peter Blundell Jones 

Schindler and the Small House / Bill Boehm / / / MAK Center for Art and Architecture - R.M. Schindler / Edited by Peter Noever / / / Schindler / David Gebhard; Stout 1997, 176pp., $30 paper, 8.75 x 8.75, 184 illus. / / / Zugmann: Schindler / Peter Novever and William Mohline  

R.M. Schindler: Compositions and Construction / Lionel March and Judith Sheine, Editors 

Louis Henry Sullivan / Mario Manieri Elia 

Sydney Opera House - Jorn Utzon / Philip Drew 

Grand Central Terminal - Warren and Wetmore / Kenneth Powell 

The Other Tradition of Modern Architecture / Colin St. John Wilson 

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