Project Project Radcliffe
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Leisure centre to Olympic training standard with 50m pool co-located with a new build secondary school. and a primary health care facility.
Create a significant urban presence that unifies the health, leisure, and academic facilities.  The entries to these three facilities to be from one combined exterior public urban space.  The health care facility to be designed by others to our masterplan.  We designed the remaining elements.  Using the 'public' areas of the leisure and academic (e.g., dining, outdoor dining, performance hall, sports hall, and 50m pool) create a vibrant and uplifting heart.  Create direct visual links from the main public entry plaza through this space to extensive landscaped areas beyond within the grounds.

Secondarily, create an 'academic' hub within the school around where group working can occur with direct links to a prominent learning resource centre.  The space to be central within the school, keeping travel distances to the academic facilities to a minimum.

The sketches below explore a number of different redevelopment options on different parts of the site.  Some of these retain existing buidlings, while the final schemes have all new construction.

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